For the Sake of a Fractious, Fragile World…

Dear US voters,
You have a crucial decision to make. For the sake of a fractious, fragile world, please make it well.

You may think Hillary Clinton is part of an outmoded establishment, too beholden to big business, or motivated too strongly by political careerism. There are valid arguments behind these claims, all of which could be made about most of the Democratic Party presidential nominees in recent decades and before.

This is not about Hillary Clinton.

This is about the very real prospect of Donald Trump becoming US president.

Whereas there are many checks and balances on the domestic actions of a US president, the foreign policy restrictions are minimal.

If Trump wins, the best possible outcome is that this level of global power will be given to a man who is profoundly unqualified, childishly temperamental, and prone to incite violence against all whom he opposes, which includes anyone of a different race, religion, gender, or political outlook.

That is the best that you can hope for, if Trump wins.

The worst outcome is unthinkable.

Look at history. Look not only at the regimes of despots and tyrants but at their ascent to power. Notice the extent to which people ridiculed them. See how many people let them come to power, believing that their extreme opinions could be curbed, managed, or controlled.

The unthinkable can happen.

If you do not vote, you vote by default for the candidate you least want to win.

You are in a two-party system. If you vote for an alternative minority candidate, however well meaning that candidate may be, you are voting by default for the candidate you least want to win.

Please exercise your right to vote. Don’t allow a clown show to become a tragedy.

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