My Top Five Books

My Top Five Books

Today I set up a Goodreads group. I have never done that before. But someone asked me for a list of my top five books, and it occurred to me that such a thing cannot be set in stone. My top five books can change at any time. The books that are most meaningful to me in the morning may be different by the time I go to bed. I set up the list so that members could post their top five books at any given time. You are welcome to join, or to comment, or both, by clinking the link below.

My Top Five Books

Here are my top five books today:

Anne Tyler – Searching for Caleb
Because of the profound sadness not just of losing someone but of finding them again.

Thomas Hardy – The Return of the Native

A novel that deals, as so many of Hardy’s novels do, with the huge consequences that can transpire as a result of seemingly insignificant acts.

Bill Bryson – A Short History of Nearly Everything

Simply the best rough guide to science I have ever read.

The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy

Someone asked to borrow this recently, and I had to refuse. I cannot allow it out of my proximity.

Evelyn Waugh – A Handful of Dust

A book that flickers onto my radar every now and again, and when it does, it catches at something deep within.


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